HOW TO: Mobilize Viral Swarms via Network Mapping

Relationships are the heart of many successful social media outreach efforts. They help fuel viral success (second only to exceptional content) and serve as a catalyst for self-organizing online swarms. You need to be able to visualize connections and influence, however, before you can strategically leverage relationships to reach and inspire target audiences. That's where network mapping comes in. Depending on your objectives, you can map social media … [Read more...]

Facebook’s ‘Simplistic’ Analytics Failing Marketers?

Claiming "Facebook is failing marketers," a report by research firm Forrester unleashed a social media firestorm this week. The report documented the results of a survey of 395 marketers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The marketers were asked to rank the business value derived from digital marketing opportunities from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to onsite ratings and reviews to branded communities and blogs. They rated Facebook dead … [Read more...]

Taking a Break from Blogging

As many readers of this blog may have noticed, I am taking a break for a while. There are two reasons for this. I've been really busy—work and family comes before blogging (and the level of social media engagement necessary to promote a blog). More importantly, however, it's time to adjust eVentures in Cyberland's focus. Many of the things I started blogging about back in 2009, such as social media messages going viral, are hardly news any more. Other emerging … [Read more...]

Top 3 Disruptive Trends to Track in 2013

Rapidly changing technologies continue to keep the field of communications in flux. Communications practitioners are under pressure to keep pace with the changing ways people use technology and adapt their communications models to a world where information flows in real time. Besides social media (old news at this point), here are three of the biggest disruptive trends to track in 2013. Mobile Mobile Mobile This year mobile devices will pass PCs as the most … [Read more...]