Super Shock! Non-Profit Client’s Domain Stolen

I was in for a shock last week when I visited the website of a non-profit whose website I recently redesigned in WordPress. Instead of seeing the non-profit’s website, I found a page full of ads reading at the top, “This page is parked free courtesy of [a different web hosting firm than the one the non-profit uses].” Using Network Solution’s WHOIS behind that domain? page, I discovered the non-profit’s domain registration information had been deleted, causing … [Read more...]

Living Stories WordPress Plugin & Theme Released

Google released a Living Stories plugin and theme for WordPress yesterday enabling anyone who publishes through WordPress to organize coverage of an ongoing event on a single dynamic page. Living Stories is an experimental format for displaying news coverage that Google created in partnership with the New York Times and Washington Post. Google software engineer Eric Zhang wrote about the process of developing the plugin on the Google News Blog. "Our next step … [Read more...]

With WordPress, Your Ideas Beam into Reality

I love WordPress! In case you missed my Oct. 15, 2009 post, WordPress is one of the leading free open source content management systems (CMS).  It’s user-friendly, interactive ( i.e., Web 2.0), and lets you create professional looking websites in no time. More importantly, you can quickly improve your site when you come up with new ideas or technology changes—without having to pay for any software or development costs. This Sunday I came up with an idea on … [Read more...]

What’s Hot: Free Content Management Systems

eVentures in Cyberland: Through the Web 2.0 Looking Glass, and What Communicators Found There was created using WordPress, a free open source content management system (CMS). A CMS is a software package that lets you build a website that non-technical people can quickly and easily (and therefore affordably) change and update. You could, for example, design a templates-based website like this one for as little as $1,000 (all in design, not writing, labor and assuming … [Read more...]